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After scouring the shops and the internet for a functional yet beautiful planner it became apparent, like all good things, that if I wanted something done properly I needed to do it myself. Simple, clean and elegant, and based on the foundation of ‘less distractions, more space for business’, the planners are a real game-changer…because, let’s be honest, running a business is not easy.


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A big hello! My name is Lou and I’ve worked as a designer in the fashion industry all my adult life. I’ve been so lucky to travel lots and experience so much of what the world has to offer. After my 2nd son was born, I made the brave decision to start my own business as a wedding designer, and Beyond Vintage was born.

I love that my business encourages me to explore the more pretty, creative side of life. Those characteristics are brought to life even more so now after launching Life Styled Planner.

With juggling the mum-life and my wedding business, managing my time efficiently between work, home, social meet ups and family time is key. I’ve a real need for the daily planner in my life. Every day it helps to structure a forever-growing to-do list. It helps me keep track and prioritise, so I manage to stay on top of everything – from kids school runs, to styling for a client’s beautiful wedding day!

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I thought I was an organised person – until I invested in this planner! With the days split into three sections I can easily plan each hour and see exactly what I need to prioritise daily. I travel a lot with work and this allows me to ensure that I have my day planned out, making the most of my time. This diary will push me from being organised to ‘bossing it’

– Jennifer Fiona

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